A follow up mod that broadens on the story of the initial video game. After a quick chat in deep space, Monika and Sayori choose to provide their world one last possibility. Now equipped with the understanding that all the club members are sentient, a much better outcome is all they can expect. Sayori likewise keeps her self-awareness, so Monika is a little less alone this time.The demonstration includes all of “Act 5.” It starts on the day of the celebration, presents 2 brand-new characters, and follows there with paths for everybody. Its structure resembles Act 1 of the very first video game, however really little of the initial is recycled (unless you do not listen to Monika at the start, ahaha). The very first playthrough is approximately 2 hours long. Avoiding duplicated scenes leaves each path at an hour approximately each. Although this demonstration includes Act 5 in its whole, there is still a lot more to eagerly anticipate. Act 6 shifts the video game into a direct story with a lot of intrigue and unforeseen twists. The next release will be the complete variation, however it might take a long period of time to establish.

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