” Good early morning hire. My name is Dr Monika Bug.

It is my honor to invite you to the Multiverse Observation Program! It’s constantly been an imagine this organization to check out the untapped possibilities of dimensional travel. Now that you’ve been given unique clearance, I am authorised to notify you that you have actually been chosen to make that dream a truth. This will be an objective of inter-dimensional value!

You’ll remain in great business on your journey, with a group I handpicked for their special qualities:

… And, obviously, I’ll be leading the objective personally!

I’m anticipating getting you all settled in and naturally seeing what the Program can! However I can inform currently that you’re great to go, so simply keep in mind – view my 6 and I’ll do the very same for you.”

Measurements is an “All Dokis Have Routes” mod functioning as a genre-shift follow up to DDLC with lots of brand-new handles existing characters, 4th wall breaks and such however definitely no dive frightens. Nevertheless know Swearing. Violence and heavy Suicide recommendation.

All tags for this mod:

all women brand-new story All follow up brand-new characters

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