This is a DDLC mod that offers a various ending to the video game. This ending will not be offered till the video game has actually been finished and the great ending has actually been seen. Just then will it begin.

This has actually been made with all our love and take care of the video game, and as a thanks for the experience it has actually offered to me. As a side note, I’m not natively english, so there may be some mistakes occasionally. I’m accepting any sort of feedback, whether it’s great or bad, due to the fact that I wish to enhance myself, for the sake of this and for the sake of my future releases, if any.

To anywho who may download this to play it, simply position the file into the video game folder, assigned near the video game’s executable. If whatever worked, the video game ought to now have 3 exclamation marks on the title, and the variation down right in the choices window ought to now have a (mo) contributed to it. This was produced the standalone PC variation, so anticipate the special steam things to not take place, perhaps.

With love and care, NNDanny.

So, a great deal of you have actually been asking me to get the savefile. I do not wish to share it straight, so I will be hosting stated savefile at the main Our Final Heartbeat Discord. Please, sign up with by click on this link:

If you discover problem setting up the mod, getting it, or throughout a playthrough, please, go into stated server also. We will attempt to offer you the very best of our assistance. If you wish to support the job, enter into it, and/or simply have preview at what’s coming, please, sign up with the server too.

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