Hey bitch, it’s Monika! Invite ta da Literature Club! It’s constantly been uh dream o’ my own ta make somethin’ unique out o’ da things ah like. Now dat you uh club member, you can assist me make dat dream come to life in dis here adorable video game!

Ah’m extremely ecstatic fo’ you ta ended up being tight brothas wif everybody an’ aid da Literature Club end up being uh mo’ intimate location fo’ all muh motha fuckin members. However ah can inform currently dat you uh real tight nigga. W– will you assure ta invest da most time wif me? ♥ UwU

Yo afta ’bouta monf o’ severe procrastination, ah’m happy ta reveal da very first authorities release o’ Doki in da Hood.

Doki Doki In da Hood be uh fan-made Doki Literature Club mod dat changes all discussion, some story, an’ uh bit o’ media. It makes yo’ preferred DDLC characters seem like dope-slinging hoodrats, so dat’s a plus.

Github link: https://github.com/TruuMoo/DDLCINTHEHOOD

All tags for this mod:

all women brand-new story easy going All amusing meme

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