Okay, Everyone just recently i got a mod obstacle by the YouTuber called Kuudere Ghost, he’s been doing this with other devs too. The difficulty was to make a mod within 48hrs and the style provided to me was, well “HORROR”. I liked the concept and given that this is a good method to blow of steam from establishing Doki President Natsuki, I happily accepted however likewise took it an action even more.

Me and my colleague/ u/BoiSourish

made this mod in 9hrs!

I Wrote the script and Boi did all the coding.

Making this mod was an enjoyable experience and we might do more in the future.

Developer is TrueLoverofMonika: Trueloverofmonika # 5084

Site: teamai.xyz

Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/DDLCMods/comments/axrhqu/a_new_mod_ready_to_play_ddlc_nightmare/

All tags for this mod:

all women brand-new story All brief frightening horror

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