Doki Doki: Outcast – Full Release!

Hi, everybody! I’m thrilled to reveal after numerous months of advancement and a couple of hold-ups, I provide to you the complete release of Doki Doki: Outcast!

Run-throughs: Doki Doki: Outcast is a Yuri-centered mod/route that intends to provide her an intriguing story and (perhaps?) a gratifying conclusion based upon the choices you make! It will dive more into Yuri’s character and provide you a much better understanding of who she may have been had she not been managed or controlled by Monika. Eventually, it will depend on you how the story will play out. Will you assist Yuri with her battles … or will she stay a castaway?

What does the mod function?

– Yuri:D

Prior to you play, I simply wished to state thank you to anybody and everybody who waited in anticipation for the last release or simply revealed interest in the job at all! Make certain to let me understand what you think of it! Likewise, this task would not have actually been possible without individuals noted in the credits listed below! Please provide the acknowledgment that they are worthy of!

Finally, a couple of disclaimers prior to you play:

Warning: this mod will include anxiety, solitude, self-harm, suicide, and a little nudity. You’ll be provided the choice to avoid a few of it, nevertheless if you can’t deal with any of this, please do not play the mod.

The music included in this mod is royalty complimentary, nevertheless, if you are playing Doki Doki: Outcast for YouTube, understand that your video might get declared. Do not fret, it’s just a claim, not a strike. You can challenge the claim or leave it as it is, however in any case, your channel will not remain in difficulty.

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