Nowadays, the progress of aesthetic medicine has made it possible to correct the figure curves without continuous exhausting exercises. 

Body contouring procedures help to transform your stature and create new desired forms with perfect shape and condition of the skin. 

If you want to get more information about it – this article is definitely for you. 

Body contouring notion

Body contouring is a technological type of surgical or just laser intervention with the one aim – to help you reach your perfect body shape. 

This procedure is acceptable for performing in various parts of the body, allowing it to become a universal solution for different requests. 

Body contouring usually includes the following directions: 

  • Excess skin disposal 
  • Excess fat illumination 
  • Shapes or contours changes in the certain area of the body/face (according to the patients request)
  • Skin quality improving 

If you have an ambition or true dream to transform your body – never safe for later. Meet your qualitative treatment spot to reach the best results with well-developed Programs. 

Body contouring clinic 

Among clinics that provide services of aesthetic surgery and transformations – choose the one that fits you perfectly and meets your requirements.

ADONIS International is the clinic with the latest technological treatment that provides various Programs, including beauty, cosmetology, aesthetic surgery and laser therapies. 

Body contouring services take a significant place in the whole working divisions of ADONIS. 

Among the most popular, there are not so widely used services that are available for you:

  • Mommy takeover – special package for newly moms that want to transform their body after pregnancy and revitalize skin elasticity and perfect shapes of the body. This package combines different kinds of services (Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Breast implantation, Mamoplasty, specialized consultation, etc.) directed to improve your body state as a whole. 
  • Complex vaginal rejuvenation – developed to revitalize women’s sexual organs through direct surgical intervention or laser correction (according to individual state). This complex package includes such unique procedures as Laser plasty of the perineum, Plastic surgery of cystocele, rectocele, Levatoroplasty, Laser plasty of the anterior and posterior vaginal walls, etc. 
  • Buttocks augmentation with implants – such a procedure ensures your perfect buttocks shapes made with individually matched implants. Well-developed packages include all needed for comfortable staying in ADONIS clinic before the operation and during your recovery time. 

Every patient’s case is examined individually by ADONIS skilled specialists to reach the best results. Before the start of the Program, you will go through the examination in ADONIS’ own laboratory to make the whole picture of your state, then during individual consultation your treatment will be adopted according to your health state, case history, personal requirements, and many other tiny moments. 

Body contouring procedures is the way to change your life and open up yourself in a new way. 

Choose the best treatment for yourself, love yourself, take care of your body with proper professional approach.

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