Tyler Hynes is a famous American actor and director. He’s known for his work on the show NCIS: Los Angeles, where he began as a recurring character in season one before becoming a regular cast member. 

Tyler Hynes has also appeared in movies like The Perfect Score and A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits. Whether or not Tyler Hynes wears a toupee has been hotly debated since 2008 when he debuted his new haircut on Twitter.

Tyler Hynes claims

Some fans have speculated that Tyler Hynes wears a toupee, but the singer hasn’t come out publicly about his hair. If he does wear a wig, it’s likely to be hidden by hats and sunglasses.

It’s important to note that while this is one way to cover up your thinning hairline, it’s also possible for a man to have fragile hair without having any receding hairline or balding pattern. 

Some men will grow their hair long enough to give them an illusion of thickness and fullness where there isn’t much at all.

Fans speculation

People have speculated about Tyler Hynes and his hairline, including the idea that he wears a toupee or hairpiece on his head. One thing that’s for sure: Tyler Hynes hasn’t come out about wearing a toupee yet. 

However, if you’re wondering whether or not Tyler Hynes wears toupees or hairpieces, here’s what we know. Tyler Hynes wrote on Twitter in 2013 ‘ no toupee here, it’s all my hair.’ 

While this may seem like an obvious answer to most people who ask if he wears them regularly, there were still some fans who thought otherwise. And why not? If you’re going to ask a question, you might as well get an answer. 

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The only problem is that Tyler Hynes said “no.” This could have been an opportunity for Patric to explain why he thinks Tyler Hynes wears a toupee, but instead, he just asked if it was true. 

Maybe Patric was hoping Tyler would say “yes” and continue talking about his hair. It’s hard to know what exactly happened here because we can’t see all the comments in this thread—only the ones that were selected by both parties involved.

If you couldn’t tell, Eva La Rue is a big deal. She’s an actress, model, and former Miss USA. She is also married to Tyler Hynes, the subject of this week’s question. In the past, Tyler has not come out about wearing a toupee. 

However, many fans have speculated that he does wear one. While many believe this to be true, Tyler Hynes has not made any public comments about whether or not he wears a toupee. He may do, and it’s also possible that he doesn’t wear one.

What we know is that if you are thinking about purchasing one of these wigs for yourself or someone else, it’s essential to do your research to make an informed decision on whether or not they’re suitable for you.

Hynes often wears hats and sunglasses.

There’s no definitive answer if you’re wondering whether Tyler Hynes wears a toupee. It seems like it could be true—he often wears hats and sunglasses, which some fans have noticed may be to hide his hairline. 

But if he does wear a hairpiece, he hasn’t come out about it yet. Most evidence that leads people to believe Tyler Hynes wears hair extensions comes from photos taken by paparazzi on beaches.

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Fans also point to things like exposure and advertising as evidence that Hynes wears a toupee. Some fans say that they’ve noticed some of his hairstyles make it look like he has a wig on his head. 

And if you’ve seen him in any commercials or movies, you may have noticed that his hair was styled in a way that makes it look like he’s wearing a toupee or toupees. 

That’s because the lighting usually highlights certain parts of your face more than others; when people see Tyler Hynes’ face on screen or off the screen in magazines, their eyes are naturally drawn to his mouth and eyes first—not necessarily his forehead.

Fans are split on whether they think Hynes wears a toupee, but there is no definitive answer. To date, Tyler Hynes has not responded to inquiries regarding whether he wears a wig or toupee.

The truth 

The truth is, the jury is still out on whether Tyler Hynes does wear a toupee. He’s never come out about his hair situation—and it’s not as if he has to explain himself to you or me. 

However, some fans have speculated that he wears one because they’ve noticed how often he wears hats and sunglasses. Some photos circulating the Internet also seem to show Hynes with a little more hair than usual at some events.

January 2008, 

As we’ve seen, the debate over Tyler Hynes’s toupee is ongoing. But where did it all begin? In January 2008, he debuted his new haircut. 

This was a big deal for reality TV fans because it was when many people noticed that Hynes appeared to be wearing a toupee or hairpiece. Some fans theorize that this was an attempt to help him gain confidence and boost his self-esteem. 

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Others are convinced that this is just part of his midlife crisis and that it’s not natural hair.

Many fans have theorized that Hynes started wearing a hairpiece to help his confidence.

If you’re going to be in the public eye for as long as Hynes has, it can start to feel like your appearance is being scrutinized. Some fans have theorized that Hynes began wearing a hairpiece to help his confidence.

He might be experiencing pressure from fans, who quickly notice anything that might make him feel insecure about his appearance. It could also be due to pressure from himself, feeling uncertain about his hairline, or other aspects of his arrival. 

Perhaps he’s just getting older and finding it harder to keep up with the latest trends in men’s fashion.

Others are convinced that this is just part of his midlife crisis and that it’s not natural hair.

Tyler Hynes is a famous actor, so his hair has been a hot topic for a while. Some fans believe he is wearing a toupee, and others are convinced that this is just part of his midlife crisis and that it’s not natural hair.

Hynes often wears hats and sunglasses in public, which some fans have noticed may be to hide his hairline. He also wears wigs when he goes out on the town, which indicates that he doesn’t want people looking at him too closely.

Some users on Twitter have posted pictures comparing Tyler Hynes’ current ‘do with images from earlier years. 

The images show a difference in how his hairline and bangs are styled, but the user who posted them did not clarify whether they were comparing “before” or “after” photos.


How do we know? Because it’s easy to see when a man has a hairpiece. If you look at his forehead, there is no hairline, and it seems like a big bald spot with some stubble growing over it. This is how we can tell if someone is wearing a wig.

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