Arranging furniture may be challenging, but its layout determines the room’s layout and function. The ideas below will teach you how to create custom storage system to maximize space and to clean up.

Focal Point Arrangement

Consider the focal points of the room. Usually, the visitor catches the opposite wall from the entrances, then turns to the sides. Depending on the room’s function, that point must signal about that.

For example, the living room must beckon with a TV on the wall and the sofa plus a coffee table in the center. The whatnot dedicated for plant pots will be ok in the corners. The dressing room’s focal point are wardrobes.

Storage Arrangement

The family and kids’ rooms need storage capacities, so their proper arrangement makes them beneficial. Interestingly, the experts recommend exploiting the wall-to-wall built-in constructions in larger rooms. The smaller rooms allow the freestanding drawers. But the latter may be inconvenient to move between them.

The construction and inner structure are very important and perfect if they’re easily accessible. The number of piece levels depends on the height. Thus, the kids require a lower open or pullout drawer system. The average human covers four-five levels of the drawers without any problems.

Each compartment has different sizes and dimensions. These parameters must take into account the utensils within their walking distance. Yeah, you can store the media library on the far edge of the room, but is it rational?

Symmetrical Living Room Arrangement

The symmetrical arrangement task is to mix the traffic with the room’s potential. The good idea is to position the focal seating accessories near the fireplace facing each other. Put the end tables as landing points on both ends of the sofa. The final point is the pair of chairs balancing the view. All other elements, including storage, must face each other too. Finally, this arrangement admirably provides enough useful space for your family and guests.

Floating Arrangement Structure

This arrangement is perfect for rooms lacking such focal points as a fireplace or free walls. Of course, the central chairs and/or sofas face each other to support the conversation. Other furniture anchors the rug and the large coffee table. Additional seating and custom storage cabinets locate the perimeter of the room. The same structure will be favorable for the fireplace too.

How to Arrange the Discussion Room

This combination is ideal for face-to-face chats. Put the center seating compounds at a distance not more than 8 feet apart and take care about the comfort of entrance exit without disturbing the neighbours. You can create a couple of comfortable islands. Just put two sofas and a group of tables to build the separate conservation area.

Small Room Challenge

Finally, we’ll touch the small living rooms. Their furniture arrangement may be difficult, but we’re adamantine like Ukrainians (welcome to Canada, IMHO). So find a combination of foldable, compact and built-in storage and seating items for that purpose. Of course, proper zoning is crucial for that purpose.


Well, these are the sand pieces in the huge mindmap of the arrangement ideas. And sometimes, they need individualized solutions because the serial furniture doesn’t always fit the size of your accommodation. Or maybe you hate the chosen designs. Luckily, you can personalize your environment by ordering Alliance Millwork Products from the range, but to your own design. Call us online or visit our office in Toronto to get closer to your dream’s comfortable home.

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